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Real connoisseurs never ask where to buy a cheap hookah in Moscow because the original hookah brought from the Oriental countries will be expensive. All the rest are goods of the questionable quality that are called “run-of-the-mill”.

Features of the original hookah

It is important to know that pleasure of hookah smoking depends on quality of coals, firing up of which is carried out according to certain technique. It is erroneous to assume that coals and tobacco are all the same and that it is possible to buy them where the hookah can be bought. We mean the cheap variants available at small stands and tobacco and gift stores.

The following is necessary in order to find a physical, emotional and aesthetic pleasure:

  • original Oriental hookah;
  • natural coals without chemicals;
  • hookah handling skills (ensure the precise fluid level, appropriate coal condition etc.).

Hookah is the rest and relaxation mean, distinctive delicate style. It can garnish the holiday, evening party among friends and even help to relax after business negotiations. But where to buy a hookah, if you need it right now? How to do everything right? Just order a hookah with professional hookah-maker from us and you will take pleasure without undue efforts!


Where to smoke the hookah in Moscow? There are several variants:

  • to find Oriental master or expert – perhaps he has a hookah and good smoking mixtures;
  • to go to the specialized place that is expensive, inconvenient and distractive;
  • to smoke a hookah right at our restaurant – be sure, you will enjoy it because we have an eye for art of hookah;
  • to smoke a hookah at home, at work or wherever else by ordering it with carry-out services of the professional hookah-maker.

Helpful advice

Not all real connoisseurs can consider their home as a place where it is possible to smoke the hookah and, consequently, their own one. This is taking into account the availability of a natural coals and good tobacco instead of cheap chemicals!

The point is that from olden times hookah smoking culture assumes that in order to take the maximum pleasure the services of the person handling the hookah which allows just to enjoy it without being distracted by preparation of mixture, firing up, changing of coals etc. should be provided.

Hookah smoking can be compared with meditation that allows you to tune to the necessary comfortable emotional wave. Nothing shall disturb you, for that reason, you can choose the hookah smoking place proposed by the professionals.


The person who has ever been in Turkey or in UAE and passed the specialized stores knows how much the hookah costs. And this is only acquisition cost. But you also need to buy natural smoking mixtures of a good quality which do not contain any chemicals. As well, you need to learn the art of hookah servicing – it is a separate profession in the Orient!

Now you can approximately imagine how much hookah smoking costs in our country since the price for hookah itself and coals is much higher. Usually, hookah prepared by the person who has no theoretical and practical knowledge is not so good and you will not be able to enjoy it in full.

House special hookah in Moscow

How much the hookah costs in Moscow? It is expensive when you buy everything by yourself. Also it is not necessarily that you will buy original product of a good quality or will be able to use it correctly. And you do not need to do this, since you should enjoy the process instead of continuously ensure the following:

  • proper coal temperature;
  • proper fluid level and condition etc.

The optimal solution is to order the hookah with the hookah-maker coming to the specified address – advantageous and reliably.


Do you know the warning of the Ministry of Health that smoking is harmful? Probably, for that reason you gave up or did not start smoking cigars and cigarettes or are indifferent to tobaccos? Good for you, because it is really dangerous for lungs, blood circulatory, hart-vascular, endocrine and immune systems. However smoking of the hookah bears no relation to cigarettes either by smoke composition or by way of its production and aspiration. And the smoking process itself resembles more a ritual comparable with some kind of meditation:

  • relaxation, stress release;
  • aesthetical pleasure;
  • flavor and taste enjoyment;
  • coal smoke filtration through the fluid that reduces the harm.

How often to smoke the hookah?

It seems that Orientalists, either men or women, did not think about how often it is allowed to smoke the hookah. They took guidance from their own feelings both physical and emotional, meanwhile, putting special emphasis not on the quantity but on the quality of the process (and hookah), because this complex factor has particular influence on the effect – level of pleasure from the time spent smoking, satisfaction as well as minimum harm to the organism. Thus, it is better to smoke the hookah more seldom but to give the priority to the best one.


There are a lot of nuances ranging from correct care for hookah, its preparation for use and preparation of smoking mixture to right selection and firing up of coals, selection of composition of the filtering fluid and its level in the base bottle, continuous control of the process etc.

Sure, nowadays, when fashion for everything Oriental is gaining momentum and hookah smoking becomes popular, sometimes it is possible just to ask your friends how to make the hookahs right. However, as practice shows, in most cases the involvement of the professional hookah-maker is needed since the unfleshed novices fail to cope with this task. Consequently, only the semblance of the ancient Oriental ritual is made and expensive tobacco and coals are wasted. Moreover, smoking becomes more harmful to the health.

Maximum pleasure

If you search in the all-knowing Internet “how to make the hookah right” the number of existing items surprises you. It is necessary to remember all of them, bear them in mind and know how to use them. Everything starts with the obligatory correct care for the hookah, and consequently, acquisition of required accessories. Preparation of the smoking mixture and hookah puffing is a science. Afterwards, when you relax instead of just to seat, inspire flavorful and tasty smoke and enjoy the cheerful conversation you certainly will need to remove or add some coals having preliminarily fired them up.

It is much easier to let the hookah-maker to handle this task, especially considering that nowadays you even do not need to go to our restaurant. Just order the hookah delivery and you will be able to observe how to make it right in order to improve your skills in future, if desired.


When acquiring the hookah it is necessary to consider the purpose you are buying it for: for frequent use, for periodic use or as a stylish gift. Sometimes acquisition of the professional hookah is not reasoned since it is very expensive and requires special care. Usually, cheap hookahs are small but they may be of a good quality – it is just necessary to know how to choose.

What to pay attention to when choosing the hookah

In order to select the best hookah for smoking and not for a gift, the experts recommend to pay attention to certain criteria:

  • hookah shaft – it shall be at least 50 cm long, preferably undismountable and obligatory made of corrosion resistant alloys, perfect variant is brass;
  • coal bowl - ceramics (clay), unpainted;
  • base bottle - glass, not obligatory expensive one;
  • reliable sealants.

However, in order to realize what hookah is better we recommend to employ the hookah delivery service to the specified address. Also you can try the best tobacco mixtures and natural coals in order to be able to distinguish those of a good quality from the cheap chemicals.


It is not easy to choose the hookah right, and probably you will need to ask for advice of the experienced professional, otherwise there is a risk that you will buy a beautiful thing, but, unfortunately, of a low quality, or you may overpay for it.

Do not build hopes that you will find a good variant at the first Oriental gift store in Moscow or abroad, so you need to have patience. Finally you will get the deserved reward such as a great pleasure of hookah smoking process – professional hookah prepared in a quality manner that can be ordered to the specified address will be unmistakable, and it will make you to realize for sure which hookah to choose in future.

The main criteria for selection of the hookah of a good quality

When buying the hookah it is important to pay attention to the following:

  • the principal element of any hookah is its shaft, where the smoke cooling and major nicotine purification is carried out; for that reason the hookah shaft shall be at least 30 cm (better 50-70 cm) high, undismountable, made of non-oxidizing and corrosion resistant alloys;
  • do not use plastic base bottles since they have a tendency to occurrence of scratches, odor absorption and distortion of the smoke taste and flavor; the optimal variant is durable transparent glass (cheap and practical) which enables an easy control of the fluid level and immersion depth of the shaft stem;
  • one more answer to the question “how to choose the hookah” is a tobacco bowl – it shall be unpainted, otherwise smoke will have a bitter taste; besides, the best material is ceramics.

However, in order to realize which hookah it is better to choose you need to try the professional one – cleaned, assembled, prepared in a proper way, primed with the good tasty tobacco mixture which is fired up by natural charcoals.


The key to a real hookah smoking pleasure is its correct preparation which consists of several stages. For example, hookah preparation begins just after the previous use – it is necessary to clean and dry thoroughly the base bottle, shaft, hoses and chillum (tobacco bowl) in order to remove the foreign odor. Besides, it is very important to ensure the right element drying position and conditions. Afterwards, when all the elements are prepared, the hookah may be reassembled and prepared for repeated use.

Professional’s advice on priming and puffing

The correct hookah preparation includes the following points at the Oriental hookah bars, which may seem easy, but this is indeed a formula of success:

  • only natural coals are used, and while they are fired up the chillum is prepared;
  • chillum is primed with plenty of tobacco leaving approximately 2 mm from the bowl edge, but porosity shall be ensured, then three bores that match the chillum holes shall be provided in tobacco;
  • chillum is firmly covered with thick foil in which holes shall be provided;
  • the fluid level in the base bottle shall be enough to cover the shaft stem for 1-5 cm;
  • after two hot coals are placed onto the foil the hookah is to be puffed.


Not only the selection and preparation of the hookah is an art, but also an enjoyment of the process without harm to health. Over the centuries the special hookah smoking etiquette to which all the experts, connoisseurs and lovers adhere has developed. These persons are the ones to give advices on how to smoke the hookah right in order to take the maximum pleasure and not to harm your health, since the main purpose of the hookah is to help to relax, relieve the stress and tune in.

The experts recommend

So, the hookah is prepared, primed and puffed. What next?

  • Put the hookah onto the special table or on the floor, but never hold it in hands or raise it high.
  • Do not smoke it on an empty stomach.
  • Inspire and expire the smoke in the way you like, since your goal and purpose of the hookah smoking is to gain the maximum comfort.
  • Relax and take stepped-lying position.
  • Do not light the cigarette off the coals.
  • After you finished smoking drain the fluid from the base bottle (notwithstanding that there was hibiscus tea, fruit juice or diluted wine), since it is used to filtrate and aromatize the smoke.
  • Use only special hookah tobacco – thick and viscous.
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