+7 (495) 966 18 18 Round-the-clock delivery
Delivery terms
We provide round-the-clock home delivery of the hookahs within Moscow and Moscow vicinity.
We offer some of the tastiest hookahs in Moscow that are characterized by variety and availability, as well as the most circumspect and simplest ordering process that will catch your fancy.


The way the whole process is carried out
You make an orderWe prepare and deliverWe deliverWe take it back
You make an order We prepare and deliver We deliver We take it back
Choose any hookah, bowl
and tobacco or ask for our advice. You can make an order either by
the following phone number
+7 (495) 966 18 18 or by means of the online ordering form at any time
of day and night.
Our masters prepare the hookah
according to your desires in the way to
deliver it at its best by the specified time.
We give you the whole
pleasure package: the hookah,
prepared fruit, coal burner, pliers, coals,
user manual and mouthpieces.
When you finish enjoying
the hookah, wait until it cools down and drain the water.
You do not need to wash the hookah – just put it into the box
and we will take it at the time
convenient to you.
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